WP Panel Settings Panel

WP Panel comes with a detailed settings panel giving you the ability to change and white-label key areas of the WordPress dashboard. These include:

  • Dashboard – Change the colour and branding of the WP Panel plugin for the end user, the Dashboard buttons and links, and the “How To Videos”. Videos are preinstalled as standard, however you can add in new tailor-made walk through videos should you choose too.
  • Admin Branding – Change the colour of the WordPress surround, including the top and side bars, the footer text, rename and rebrand your theme, and apply custom CSS which will style the admin area.
  • Frontend Settings – Save the need for additional plugins by inputting the Google Analytics Tracking ID, and other tracking codes such as the Facebook Pixel ID, the Google WebmastersVerification, Live Chat codes, and any other Tracking Codes.
  • Menu Manager – Control what your users see on the WordPress menu with our menu manager. Hide menu items you don’t need the user to see. This includes a “Client Capability” tab which gives you granular control over what a user can do; from preventing users from changing themes, adding plugins and much more.
  • Google Analytics – Setup Google Analytics so Google Analytics views on the WP Panel WordPress Dashboard.
  • Login Branding – Completely redesign the /wp-admin login area of WordPress. Create a fully branded login area with background image, transparent overlay, and logo. Change the login footer text, and utilise the Custom CSS panel to further style the login area.
  • Login Redirect – Change the login URL of any WordPress website from /wp-admin and /wp-login to a login of choice. By default this will be set to /panel-login.
  • Settings  – Hide Gutenberg (without the need for another plugin), hide the Help Tab in the header, and hide Nag Notices for the end user. WP Panel has been developed to remember your settings even on deactivation. You can reset the WP Panel settings to default on deactivation in the settings panel. Finally, WP Panel comes with an import/export function to allow you to simply export your WP Panel settings in a .json file for importing into another site.

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