WP Panel Settings – Menu Manager

WP Panel, the WordPress dashboard plugin, is aimed at providing WordPress Agencies and Developers the ability to control what an end user sees and can control. This is achieved through the WP Panel settings panel.

WP Panel > Menu Manager

The Menu Manager will allow you to decide what items in the WordPress menu your users are able to access, and our Client Capabilities tab gives you control over what your users can control within WordPress.

  • Menu Settings

    • The menu manager gives you full control over what your users see on the WordPress menu (the menu on the left hand side of the WordPress dashboard). Anything set to hide on the menu manager will hide from users below “Administrator”. Anything set to hide in the menu manager will only show to users set as “Panel Administrator” and “Administrator”. Please note – upon install, a new user setting is preinstalled called “Panel Administrator”.
    • Please ensure that any users you wish to have full control of the menu over are set to a “Panel Client” role in the user credentials. (The editor etc roles will also work, however they by default inherit the standard WordPress credentials)
    • The menu manager also allows you to change the name of individual menu items by simply clicking on each item in the menu manager, changing the name, and clicking save.

  • Client Capabilities

    • The Client Capabilities section allows you to have granular control over what a WP Panel user can do within the WordPress dashboard. Use with caution as you are able to provide full administrator privileges here if you wanted to (i.e they can see and control everything). Here you can allow or prevent access on controls such as “Adding Plugins”, or “Adding Posts”.

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