WP Panel Settings – Admin Branding

WP Panel has been designed to allow WordPress Agencies and Developers the ability to customise specific areas of the WordPress dashboard for their users. These settings are controlled in the WP Panel settings panel.

WP Panel > Admin Branding

The admin branding tab in the settings panel will allow you to customise how the WordPress dashboard looks to your clients and/or users. Each tab, as explained below, will allow you to white-label or customise certain areas of the dashboard.

  • Top Bar

    • Top Bar Colour – change the colour of the top bar of WordPress. Here you can enter a hex colour or valid CSS colour name. Apple Mac users can use the colour picker, or click the colour next to “clear” to access web colours.
    • Side Bar Colour – change the colour of the side bar, the side bar highlight colour, and the side bar text colour. The side bar is how we refer to the WordPress menu bar on the left hand side.
    • Footer – hide/unhide the “Thank you for developing with WordPress” text by ticking/unticking the check box. Here you can also customise the admin panel footer content, hide the WordPress version in the footer, and/or change the WordPress version in the footer.
    • Theme Rename – if you are using a WordPress theme, Developers and WordPress Agencies will be able to customise and change the name of theme being used by inserting the “Old Theme Name” and the “New Theme Name”. There is also an option to change the “Child Theme Name” if a child theme is being used.
    • Custom CSS – if you are looking to further customise the WP Panel WordPress dashboard you can do by using our Custom CSS area.

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