A Custom WordPress Dashboard Plugin

WP Panel is a WordPress dashboard plugin, and has been designed to give WordPress Agencies and Developers the ability to white-label key areas of the WordPress dashboard, and to vastly improve their user’s experience.

wordpress dashboard plugin

So, what can WP Panel, a custom WordPress dashboard plugin, actually do?

Our custom WordPress dashboard plugin was created to completely transform the backend of WordPress, and improve user experience.

WP Panel gives you the ability to easily and quickly change large parts of the WordPress dashboard; enabling you to create a white-labelled admin area complete with our powerful dashboard.

Users are also able to see their Google Analytics and all contact form entries within their dashboard, making WordPress more like a dashboard than ever before.

Watch the video walkthrough of WP Panel, your custom WordPress Dashboard


100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with WP Panel, your new custom WordPress dashboard plugin, we promise to refund your money if requested within 14 days of purchase.

Features of WP Panel

Bespoke WordPress Dashboard

Your clients will have a WordPress dashboard that is both user friendly, and includes a host of great features.

Dedicated Settings Area

Agencies and web developers will have full access to a settings area to control advanced features.

White Labelling

Completely white label the plugin so your client thinks it is you who has created this awesome dashboard.

Rename the Theme

Rename the theme you are using to something totally custom. Works with most themes. Tested with the top WordPress themes including Avada Theme.

Google Analytics Tracking Code

Easily insert Google Analytics without the need for another WordPress plugin.

All Tracking Codes

Easily insert Google Analytics, Live Chat, Google Webmaster Verification, Social Media tracking codes, and any other tracking codes.

Custom Login Design

Customise the look of your clients login area by changing colours, the WordPress logo, and adding a background image with transparent overlay.

Change Login URL

The website will be more secure with the abilty to change the login URL to /custom-domain

Easy Import/Export

Export settings from one website, and import into another; saving the need to reapply all your advanced settings.

Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics dashboard with key stats available on the main dashboard screen, with an additional analytics tab.

WooCommerce Integration

When WooCommerce is installed, the dashboard will automatically display the latest sales data.

Contact Form Dashboard

Fully integrated with some of the top WordPress form plugins to capture form entries in an additional dashboard tab.

How to Videos

A library of videos to guide users on how to use the dashboard, and other parts of WordPress. You can even use your own white-labelled videos should you choose.

Menu Manager

Manage what items users see on the WordPress menu and change the menu text.

Edit Client Capabilities

Edit client capabilities with the click of a button such as preventing users from uploading new plugins.

Hide Gutenberg

Hide the Gutenburg WordPress editor and the header 'Help Tab' with the click of a button.

Disable Nag Notices

Disable the annoying nag notices that appear when a plugin is trying to sell something to you.

Custom CSS Panel

Enter any CSS tweaks and changes into our custom CSS panel, keeping all CSS in one place.

Download WP Panel - your Custom WordPress Dashboard

Completely transform the WordPress dashboard by downloading WP Panel.

For Agencies and Web Developers with single and unlimited user licences available

WP Panel is designed for Digital Agencies and Web Developers that use WordPress. Our aim was to create a simple plugin that on install would provide end users with a completely different and more user friendly WordPress experience.

Our custom WordPress dashboard plugin allows you to white-label the WordPress dashboard whilst providing added value with features such as our Google Analytics integrated dashboard, and our video tutorials.

Our unlimited user licence is aimed at WordPress Developers and Agencies with multiple clients.

A single user licence is available for organisations with multiple users.

wordpress dashboard plugin
WordPress analytics dashboard

Google Analytics and your Website Enquiries incorporated into your WordPress Dashboard

WP Panel provides end users with all the information they need from their website.

Integrated with Google Analytics, our custom WordPress dashboard plugin gives users access to their website analytics without the need to log into the Google Analytics dashboard.

Our ‘Website Leads’ dashboard integrates with the leading WordPress contact form plugins including Contact Form 7, Elementor Forms, Gravity Forms, WP Forms and Formidable Forms, storing your form submissions in one place; on the WP Panel WordPress dashboard.

Customise your own WordPress Dashboard

WP Panel gives you the power to customise and brand the WordPress dashboard for your users.

Our features include changing the login URL for security and branding purposes, customising the login screen to include your website or Agency branding, hiding or renaming menu items from specific users, and disable those annoying nag notices that the user does not need to see.

If you are an Agency or Web Developer, you can fully customise the WordPress dashboard for your customers.

Single user licences are available for individual organisations who are looking to vastly improve the user experience of WordPress.

wp panel custom login area design for wordpress